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A Deep Dive into the Brain

Oligodendrocytes wrap the axons of neurons with a fat-containg myelin sheath allowing the fast propagation of electric impulses. In certain diseases, for example in Multiple Sclerosis patients, oligodendrocytes are lost leading to neurodegeneration. Oligodendrocytes can […]

Research News

Alzheimer’s Disease Optical Biomarkers

The deposition of beta-amyloid and tau are hallmarks of Alzheimer`s disease.It has been implicated in neuronal dysfunction, ultimately leading to cognitive impairment and dementia. Techniques to visualize these processes in animal models of the disease […]

In the Spotlight

The Reverse Vaccination Against MS

Bacteria, which are particularly common in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, could be the trigger for the inflammatory reactions in the brain and spinal cord. Endogenous proteins of the brain and protein building blocks of these […]


Vector Computation in the Fly Brain

Many neuroscientists enjoyed the ZNZ Symposium 2021 on 16 Septemberin-person again after last year’s online version. More than 380 visitors followed a diverse program with 145 posters, workshops, short talks of new membersand plenary talks […]


Making Peace with Neuroscience

“Neuroscience and Peacebuilding” is a book designed to stimulate awareness of the role that neuroscience can plausibly play in peacebuilding. It describes the work being done in a wide variety of areas of the neuroscience […]


Welcome to the ZNZ Community

We welcome the newest members to the ZNZ. With knowledge, experience and a curious mind, they will certainly contribute to new insights in neuroscience. Dr. Maryam Seif, Junior Group LeaderSpinal Cord Injury Center, Balgrist University […]


Inauguration of Oliver Gero Bosch

We congratulate Oliver Gero Bosch on his habilitation. The researcher from the Department of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics at the Psychiatric Hospital Zurich held in April his inaugural lecture as PD at the Aula of […]