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Five years Viral Vector Facility

The Viral Vector Facility started operations 5 years ago as a project initiated by the ZNZ. Since then, the non-profit facility has become a successful, established platform. In April 2019, the Executive Board of the […]

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Oxford-McGill-Zurich Partnership

In May 2019, four new pilot projects and one workshop were granted by the partnership. Pilot projects explore the feasibility of a new (high-risk) approach or research path and have duration of one year. The […]


ZNZ Symposium – Don’t miss it

Attend the 2019 ZNZ symposium on Thursday, 12 September. Hear about memory during sleep in the Volker Henn Lecture by Prof. Jan Born, neuronal circuitry controlling motor behavior in the Koetser lecture by Prof. Silvia […]


Repairing the sensory nervous system

In his inaugural lecture of Prof. Dr. Stanisa Raspopovic, Dep. of Health Sciences and Technology, ETHZ, talks about the newest developments in neuroprostetic devices that provide sensory feedback to enable amputees and patients with diabetic […]


Take control of your genes

Epigenetics is the study of the influence of the environment on the genome. The book “Take back control of your genes: epigenetics” by Isabelle Mansuy and co-authors provides advice on how to adopt a healthy […]


Helmchen @ FENS 2020

Fritjof Helmchen, Director of the ZNZ, will be responsible for the scientific program of the 12th FENS Forum of Neuroscience, 11-15 July 2020 in Glasgow. As Chair of the Program Committee, he and the other […]

Research News

Brain-wide imaging

Having trouble deciding which part of your mouse brain you need to image? Why not monitor activity across the entire brain? The new paper by Prof. Daniel Razansky and colleagues shows exciting optoacoustic methods to […]


Anesthesia’s effect on the brain

In his inaugural lecture PD Dr. med José A. Aguirre, Senior Consultant Anesthesia at Balgrist University Hospital discussed the risk of brain damage during anesthesia, especially in older patients with pre-existing cognitive impairment, and presented […]