In the Spotlight

A fresh look at neuroradiology

Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Stippich is the new chairman of the Department of Neuroradiology at the University Hospital Zurich. He started his position in January 2018. We talked with Prof. Stippich about his research interests […]


People behind the Science

Have you ever wondered what motivates other scientists and how they manage their “Work / Life balance”? Read on to find out about what motivates and inspires these two scientists in their work. This series […]

Research News

Live birth of a neuron

For the first time, researchers have been able to follow the fate of neuronal stem cells in the intact adult mouse brain. The new study by the group of Prof. Jessberger and colleagues, published in […]


Meet the new ZNZ members

Curious to see who the new ZNZ members are? Read on to learn about their research interests. Group Leaders PD Dr. med. Igor Delvendahl Institute of Molecular Life Sciences, University of Zurich Our research aims […]


BrainFair 2018 – Pain

Why do we feel pain, when can pain become chronic and what treatments are available? This year’s BrainFair is all about pain. From 12-17 March, experts review the field in panel discussions and presentations. With […]

Research News

Ouch! Where did that come from?

Correct localization of painful events is crucial for living beings. But the functional mechanisms behind this pain localization are currently not well known. A collaborative study of McGill and Zurich University research groups identified a […]


Impact of stress on the brain

In his inaugural lecture, Professor Johannes Bohacek of the Department of Health Sciences and Technology, provided an overview of his work on the impact of stress on the brain.Watch the video to hear about his […]


Functional Genomics Center

Tackling today’s life sciences questions requires the use of highly specialized technologies and expertise. Researchers in Zurich profit from the support of the Functional Genomics Center Zurich (FGCZ) that provides a broad range of “omics” […]

Calls for Proposals

Théodore Ott Fund

Are you a young neuroscientist looking for funding? Check out the call for proposals for the Théodore Ott Fund. A total of CHF 200’000 is available in 2018 to support research. The deadline for project […]

Research News

Dopamine in stroke recovery

Learning a new motor skill is enhanced by reward. Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Luft of the University Hospital Zurich found that dopamine is involved in new motor skill learning and that a subgroup of dopaminergic […]