In the Spotlight

Big role for microRNAs

Gerhard Schratt started his professorship in Systems Neuroscience at the ETH Zurich this August. He was previously at the University of Heidelberg, where he had his first independent group working on microRNAs, before becoming full […]


Real-Time Learning and Computing

Prof. Giacomo Indiveri presents at the TCE Workshop: 2017 Stephen and Sharon Seiden Frontiers in Engineering and Science at the Technion in Haifa. In his talk he explains new event-based neuromorphic memristive architectures. Memristors are […]


New ZNZ junior group leaders

We are proud to welcome our new members from the University Children’s Hospital and the University Hospital Zurich. Dr. Dr. med. Andras Jakab Center for MR-Research, University Children’s Hospital Zurich Andras is studying normal and pathological […]

Research News

New EIT Health projects in 2018

ETH Zurich is a partner in the European EIT Health Consortium. For 2018, three new projects with ETH participation will receive funding by the Consortium. In one of these projects, an innovation project led by […]


ERC grant for Rafael Polania

Rafael Polania was awarded the prestigious Starting Grant from the European Research Council (ERC). He will receive CHF 1.7 million to conduct his research project on understanding decision-making in humans. Polania’s research focuses on understanding […]


Highlights 20th ZNZ Symposium

More than 300 researchers participated in the annual ZNZ Symposium on 14 Sept. 2017 and discussed their current research projects in 90 poster presentations. Prof. Olaf Sporns gave a brilliant overview of today’s efforts in […]


Brain wellness

Alzheimer’s Disease, stroke and depression are among the most serious brain diseases. Lifestyle choices play an important role in their etiology. The new book by Hans-Ruedi Olpe and his daughter Cora Olpe addresses risk factors […]

Research News

Less sleep, more risk taking

Insufficient sleep can lead to increased risk-seeking behavior. These results were published by the group led by Prof. Christian Baumann in Annals of Neurology. The authors warn of the consequences chronic sleep restriction may have […]

Research News

Funding for MRI in spinal cord injuries

MRI has greatly improved the visualization of changes in the central nervous system, but how do these changes relate to changes in the underlying tissue microstructure? A European Research Area Network (ERA-NET) funded project coordinated […]