In the Spotlight

Motivation in healthy aging

The Oxford/McGill/ZNZ collaborative project “Motivating change, changing motivation: A neuroscientific examination of effort evaluation and engagement in healthy older adults” was awarded funding from the Velux Foundation. We talked with Prof. Tobler of the Department of […]


Women’s Brain Project

Depression and dementias affect women more often than men, but the effects of sex and gender on mental health have not been well investigated and specific therapies have yet to be developed. The newly founded […]


Publications June – September 2016

Read here about recent papers published by members of the Neuroscience Center Zurich. Natalizumab-Related Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy-Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome: A Case Report Highlighting Clinical and MRI Features. Malays J Med Sci. 2016 Sep;23(5):91-95 Authors: […]

Research News

Noise improves brain performance

Adding small amounts of random disturbances to the brain can make a weak visual signal stronger. Research by the group of Prof. Nicole Wenderoth has demonstrated that transcranial random noise stimulation can enhance sensory perception. […]


Join the ZNZ Symposium 2016!

Don’t miss the ZNZ Annual Symposium September 15, 2016. With the Volker-Henn Lecture by Prof. Botond Roska of the Friedrich Miescher Institute Basel, the Koetser Lecture by Prof. Christian Lüscher of the University of Geneva […]

Calls for Proposals

4th call for projects and travel awards

The McGill-Oxford-ZNZ Partnership in the Neurosciences announces the fourth call for joint projects and travel awards. The goal of the programs is to promote collaborative research between the three neuroscience centers.   Joint projects/workshops for principal […]