2015 ZNZ PhD grants

On December 3, the ZNZ Steering Committee has awarded two PhD grants. The grants, each covering a doctoral student’s salary for one year, go to ZNZ group leaders Shiva Tyagarajan of the Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology and Johannes Bohacek of the Brain Research Institute.

Shiva Tyagarajan’s winning application entitled “Neuronal paraspeckles couple circadian rhythmicity with synapse function” aims at better understanding of how circadian physiology is connected to synapse modification via a novel nuclear subcompartment called paraspeckles. The research will be carried out by PhD student Sara Bernardez.

Johannes Bohacek won the PhD grant with his application, entitled “Lighting up the molecular networks of anxiety”. The project is directed at getting novel mechanistic insight into anxiety disorders and identifying new molecular targets for the development of potential treatment of mental illness. PhD student Amalia Floriou-Servou will be performing the work.

For more information about ZNZ PhD grants visit the ZNZ website